Every year, I look forward to the holiday season for many reasons, mainly to have the opportunity to gather and celebrate with loved ones, friends, colleagues, clients, etc. For most, this time of year is full of traditions including annual events. Personally, I have a Friendsgiving, regular Thanksgiving, a museum event, two work-related parties, cookie decorating, Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinners, and probably some brunches scattered in there. It will be busy and I can’t wait!

Part of the fun should be deciding what to wear to these engagements. My closet is solid, but I cringe at wearing the same old little black dress from years past. I wanted to mix it up, without having to spend a fortune buying something I’d wear one time. So this year, I decided to try my luck with Rent The Runway. I had a positive experience years ago for a New Year’s Eve wedding, but for some reason, sort of forgot about RTR. This year is different. Right now, I have three different dresses pre-ordered for upcoming events, but I won’t share them just yet (I want them to be a surprise)!

I did a deep dive on RTR’s website to compile a few ensembles for the different kinds of holiday parties, but truth be told, there are so many options available so I would recommend checking them out yourself. One of my favorite parts of RTR is the fact that you can search with so many filters i.e., availability, size, color, occasion, age range, weather type, and body type. They also have reviews from previous customers, including photos of them wearing the garments, a description of their experience, and a profile that includes their body type, weight, height, etc. This is so helpful in making selections.

Plus, when you order a garment, you can add in an extra backup size for free. Rental options include 4-days and 8-days. I included pricing for 4-day rentals below, but you can also sign up for their Unlimited membership, which allows you to rent four items at a time. So without further ado, here are my outfit ideas. Enjoy!

Work Party

Night Out

Family Dinner

Holiday Brunching

Date Night

Winter Wedding

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