I’m currently writing this as I’m seated across my date. We are both on our laptops, but chit-chatting as well. It’s pleasant, low pressure, but a bit odd?

Now it’s around 3:45 pm and I’ll tell you more about this date. I’ve never had a date quite like this before. I met him through Hinge, and he lived in the same area as I did growing up for part of the time, so I figured we have some things in common. Before we met, I learned he was in real estate.

He didn’t realize I would be at my Starbucks so early (this is my usual Saturday morning routine. He had told me to take my time in getting there, that he was going to get his work done. When I messaged him to turn around, he looked surprised. I asked him to join my table, and he did, with his laptop still open. I told him if he still needed to get some work done, that was fine and I truly meant it.

He asked what I was doing on my laptop and I told him that I was trying to write a blog post, but had been distracted by looking at apartments and condos on Zillow. I told him how I’ll be moving next year, ideally somewhere in the vicinity of my current apartment building, near this Starbucks. I mentioned this future move was largely inspired by my intention to get a dog. He asked me why. I think I replied something along the lines of, “what do you mean?”.

The back and forth continued and it was evident to me that he felt more at ease with our laptops open. Almost like a crutch. I didn’t mind it too much at first, but his contributions to our conversation mostly centered around how he buys and sells electronics. He asserted his belief that one should never buy electronics or anything else for that matter, at full price. And yet, he was in the middle of returning an iPhone from eBay because it had the wrong cell phone carrier sim card. I suggested that by buying full price through Apple, he could’ve avoided all this hassle. Very scintillating.

After an hour or so and my interest waning, I was ready to go and continue with my personal errands for the day. I asked him what else he had planned, and he mentioned he might stop by Replay, the adult arcade around the corner. When I asked if he’d have a beer while playing arcade games, I learned that he doesn’t drink and doesn’t understand why anyone would. Of course, he asked me why I did:

Me: “Because it can be fun”.

Him: “So you would drink right now?” (it was 11:30 am)

Me: [puts coat on] “Well no, but I think it’s fun sometimes. I think I’ll head home for a nap.” (I’m embarrassed to say I had been yawning frequently)

We walked out and I gave him a polite hug and told him it was nice to meet him. And it kind of was in that he didn’t do or say anything too outrageous, but clearly we are not a match. I am comfortable with and open to someone that has different values, but he seemed very set in his ways and inflexible. Who wants to be questioned on why they do something as normal as having a glass of wine, buying a dog, or paying full price for an iPhone?

Oh well. It was certainly an improvement from my last date, just nothing in common, but coffee.

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