Last night, my dear friend Sarah and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago’s After Dark event, featuring “Andy Warhol”. Beforehand, we had a delicious dinner at Acanto, a small, welcoming Italian restaurant on Michigan Avenue near the museum. We enjoyed some scallops as an appetizer and I ordered lobster spaghetti for my entrée. Our dessert was truly my kind of dessert: chef’s selection of cheeses with a variety of fruit and jams. So delicious. The wine was as well. I would absolutely recommend Acanto pre-show/event downtown.

The Warhol After Dark was my first AIOC event as a member and oh my goodness, the people watching! You can only imagine. There were those dressed to the nines to those that looked like they rolled in from a frat house. The women tended to dress more creatively and as the theme was “animal”, there was quite a bit of leopard print, though I did see some zebra and snake as well (I wore a dress with butterflies). Two trends I noticed were cocktail dresses with combat boots and pearl embellishments, seen on fishnets, blouses, and accessories.

The exhibit itself was large and set up chronologically. I wasn’t as familiar with Andy’s earlier work in the 1950s and his sketches and paintings were very compelling before he exploded into pop art. Sarah and I remarked on how prolific he was as well, and I immediately thought of the Factory days and how much help he received from those eccentric people that he collected and discarded like beautiful objects with a shelf life.

I loved this early painting by Warhol (around 1948), titled “Living Room”.
In front of the Brillo boxes!

It was a lovely evening and I plan to go back to spend more time in the exhibit. It was very lively last night and some of the people were more interesting to watch at times!

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One thought on “After Dark Featuring “Andy Warhol”

  1. Alice Freeman says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening – so glad ❤️

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