I had a moment this weekend where I just realized how good life is. I’m starting the year off on a high note. I’ve been working really hard. This past week was my first week back at work, no days off. We are already flush with new searches and I met with several candidates. Three times, I went to CorePower Yoga for their 45-minute sculpt class at lunch. On Wednesday night, I met my Uncle George, his partner Cecylia, and Bill for our traditional dinner at Athenian Room. The skirt steak and Greek fries, as always, were delicious and, as always, made my eyelids puffy the next morning from the sodium content.


This weekend, I got myself out of my apartment quite a bit. On Friday, for a surprise going-away party for our dear family friends moving to Denver, on Saturday to “watch” football with my friend Arie, her husband Ben, and their friend Brett. And on Sunday, a lovely brunch with my friend Sarah at the classic Bakin’ & Eggs on Lincoln and Barry. I’ve enjoyed the month so far and have felt equal parts busy and relaxed. I’m trying to remind myself that a day off is necessary sometimes so as not to run myself ragged.

The healthy (and delicious) spread at Arie’s.

It does seem that despite my activities and buoyed spirit, that little blue shade of seasonal affective disorder is still finding its way in. Just a little. Next month, I plan to get out of town for a bit to expose myself to some sunshine and have a vacation of sorts. I’m okay with it being really low key; I just feel compelled to get away from Chicago this time of the year. At the moment, I’m considering domestic locations including Palm Springs, California, Austin, Texas, and possibly somewhere in Arizona. I have not been to any of these places but I think a long weekend to at most, five days, would be sufficient to reap the benefits of their climate and get a decent look around. Any recommendations are certainly welcome.

I hope everyone has a great week and remains kind to themselves, especially if they have lofty resolutions. As I’ve learned more and more, life is precious and should be enjoyed as much as is possible daily. Thoughts of gratitude help. I also think exercise is vital. It quite literally creates brain activity to make you feel better. Focusing on the people that bring value and inspire you to be your best is also a great tool. It sounds very hokey, but I mean it sincerely. Take care, all!

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