As I mentioned in my earlier posts this year, I have decided to reinvigorate my dating efforts this year. Of all of the applications available, I have found Bumble to be the most fruitful…to some extent. After chatting with an interesting person for the last week or so, he canceled on me twice. I wasn’t rude in response, but rather let him know it was unfortunate and stopped responding when he kept trying to hammer his reasoning home. I understand that things happen, but considering the pattern that was already developing, I felt it’s best to just move on. I don’t think it’s personal towards me (how could it be when he’s never met me?), but rather an indication that he may not consider follow through when it comes to dating a priority.

Inevitably, after this second cancellation last night, I was feeling a mixture of disappointment and frustration. It was something I was looking forward to, but it made the dialoguing over the last week or so feel like a waste of my time. My initial impulse was to do something to distract or numb myself, but in thinking about it, reaching for a bottle of wine or ordering pizza just weren’t the solution. They may have provided temporary relief, but I realized the best thing for me to do was to sit with my feelings while being kind to myself. So after work, I decided to go to my local Whole Foods and have a healthy, comforting dinner (roasted broccoli, cauliflower, lemongrass tofu and peppers, and cauliflower mac & cheese). I sat in the dining area, surrounded by other people, so I didn’t feel quite so alone.

I went home, washed my hair, got prepared for bed, read, and went to bed early. This morning, I went to a CorePower class (my fifth this week). In a little while, I’ll be going to the hair salon. Already, the intensity of my feelings has dissipated and I feel better. I strongly believe our reactions to adversity are the most important. People will disappoint you, but there’s no need to numb it or brush it off immediately. That said, I’m hoping the next person I connect with actually intends to make the date and meet me. I have a lot to offer!

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5 thoughts on “Dealing with Disappointment

  1. Alice Freeman says:

    Hi! A very mature & responsible response to an unfortunate situation… proud of you, Meg 🥰

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  2. Mom says:

    Oh yes you do!

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    1. Megan says:

      Thank you so much!


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