After years of the same, creaky full-sized mattress with my “Psycho Mrs. Bates divot”, it was time to upgrade. A mattress is no small purchase, but I had been considering a Casper for a while, thanks in part to the advertisements on nearly all my favorite podcasts. So I embarked on some research, looking at reviews on independent YouTube channels and various blogs. This research and Casper’s controversial “100 nights risk-free” return policy, enabled me to make my decision to purchase a queen-sized mattress and upholstered bed frame.

Goodbye, old bed!

I found two guys on TaskRabbit (which I highly recommend for your household-related projects) to remove my old mattress, box spring, and bed frame. I then received the Casper bed frame, which was easy to assemble and looked fantastic. It was delivered on a Friday, three days after placing my order. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the mattress wouldn’t be shipped with it; the text specifying that items from the same order may not ship together was minuscule. As a result, I had a beautiful bed frame, with no mattress for about a week! I was not happy. After sleeping on the floor for a couple of days, I let them know of my frustration. They apologized and sent me two free pillows. Nice, but not really what I needed. Lesson learned: don’t get rid of the old mattress until the new one comes!

A little over a week later, I finally received my mattress. I had one of the TaskRabbit guys carry the box up the stairs; I probably could’ve done it on my own, but I didn’t want to injure myself and my back and neck aren’t in great shape. Once the box was inside my apartment, I removed the rolled-up mattress and removed the plastic. I could hear and see the mattress filling with air, which was fascinating. I took the box out to recycle, and voilà, I was done.

I was enthusiastic, of course, to get off the floor, but I have to say, my sleep has been incredible. The Casper is somewhere between firm and soft and even though its memory foam, I don’t find myself getting too hot. Having a queen-sized bed is wonderful as well; more room and the feeling of envelopment. I got new bedding as well. A cozy gray furry comforter and sham covers. When I move in May, I will be transitioning away from the navy blue accents and will get different throw pillows/blankets. But for now, this is what it looks like.

At last!

My overall rating of the Casper mattress experience is 7 out of 10. The deduction comes from the frustrating delay in delivery. They should make it more obvious that the items will ship separately. Beyond that though, I’m sleeping very well so far and if for some reason, I’m not any longer, then I have 100 nights to return!

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2 thoughts on “I Ordered a Casper Mattress

  1. Thanks for the review, the commercials always seem to sell me, but I’ve bought a few flops

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    1. Megan says:

      My pleasure! Thank you for reading!

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