Hello friends. I hope you’re doing okay. I feel that most would agree with me that yesterday really marked a turning point with regards to anxiety levels regarding the coronavirus. It’s hard to focus on the facts and know how extreme or necessary recommended precautions are. As someone that likes to be prepared, I found myself at the Walmart on Broadway this morning, stockpiling cleaning, paper, and frozen goods while on hold with Chase Travel to cancel my flight to Boston, which I was supposed to be on as I write this.

I was up late last night, monitoring the news for updates, particularly regarding closures of public gathering places. I spoke to my mom and we talked about regrouping in the morning. We decided to cancel our plans, much to our sadness. With all of the museums closed and the advisories to stay home, it just wouldn’t have been enjoyable. My office has gone remote for today, but I decided to still take the day off. Yesterday was stressful. Business was directly affected by coronavirus due to the lack of certainty and safety precautions.

Words like pandemic are inherently alarming. Health concerns are arguably the one thing universal to all humans. I’ve never been alive or at least mature enough to experience anything like this before where life is essentially put on pause. I wonder how to maximize this weird suspension of routine. Should I get more sleep? Should I be reading the news non-stop? What can I do now that I’ve been to the grocery store? I’ve already been obsessively washing my hands. Unfortunately, the recommendation to stay home and wait it out doesn’t jive with my personality. I’m a “do-er”. But there’s nothing to really do that I haven’t done at this point.

My hope is for the best-case scenario and this blows over now that people are staying home. Realistically, I don’t know that I believe that is what will happen. I just sincerely hope people stay safe, try to stay calm, and that the media provides factual information and stops fear-mongering or inciting racism against Asian peoples. No one wants to be sick, but being humane is not mutually exclusive. I’ll pause my existential pondering for now. These are odd times, no doubt.

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