Keeping it simple with today’s post.

  1. My health.
  2. My family and friends’ health.
  3. The seriousness with which my family and friends take their health, coronavirus, and the recommended precautions.
  4. Solo walks by Lake Michigan.
  5. A caring boss and the ability to work remotely that will allow me to maintain income.
  6. Access to food, water, and hygiene products.
  7. An emotional support network.
  8. Working electricity and heat.
  9. Access to the Internet, information, much needed comedic relief (Chris D’Elia’s YouTube channel) and other forms of entertainment (The Murder Squad: Jensen & Holes podcast).

I am encouraged by the shows of support, kindness, and unity both locally and worldwide. That said, as grateful as I am, I am feeling really badly for those that don’t have these things. If there’s anyway I can help anyone else, please let me know!

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