It’s hard not to feel a bit creature-like, all cooped up at home. Regardless of your status, we are all struggling because we’ve had to severely restrict our comings and goings. It’s hard not to feel like we’re imprisoned. I will admit that at times I feel a sense of foreboding and deep anxiety. I’m trying to cope with that with healthy activities. I thought I would share what’s been comforting me during these strange times.


Whether going for a walk outside or dancing around my apartment (all activities I’ve done in quarantine), music has accompanied me and made me feel all sorts of ways. Transported, nostalgic, hopeful, grateful, reflective. It’s never made me feel bad though. I’ve included a playlist of what I’ve been listening to lately. It’s all over the map genre-wise, so there’s something for everyone.


I’ve increased my exercise actually since being in quarantine. Yoga, strength training, and walking outside have been my go-to options and at no point have I regretted a single moment of movement. In fact, exercise has probably been the most impactful stress reliever. That natural buzz of endorphins makes me feel the most accomplished and alive, even in my small studio apartment.

Virtual Connection

To keep the loneliness at bay, I’m finding that video and phone calls have been very helpful. From Zoom meetings with my eight colleagues (we looked the Brady Bunch in nine squares) to the FaceTimes with family and friends, it is reassuring to see the faces and hear the voices of my loved ones. It’s also nice to commiserate over the struggles of being in this same boat and try to find some humor and levity. Much easier to do with others than solo.

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