Hello, friends. I haven’t written in a little while as I’ve been processing our new reality of quarantine and social distancing. It’s been challenging in the obvious ways but also quite revelatory on a personal level. I was video conferencing with a candidate yesterday and she said something that stuck with me: “I didn’t realize how go, go, go I really was until I was forced to stop.” I think many of us share that same sentiment.

Many of us live our “normal” lives going from one activity to the next. Work, gym, appointments, social engagements, meetings, events, volunteering, etc. We’ve been forced to halt all of this and boil it down to essentials. Work from home, socializing virtually, exercising in isolation. No matter how engaged you might be, you can’t deny you’ve had to scale back immensely. You’ve now got time to think, sit with your emotions, and understand your priorities. Your real priorities.

For me, each day has been touch and go. I am solo in my apartment and so I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and I’ve come to some realizations. For the past few years, I’ve buried myself in work on purpose. I love what I do and I don’t think this is a bad thing per se, however, I realized that without the hustle and bustle of jam-packed days at the office, I’m very lonely. Not in terms of friends and family, but romantically speaking. I declared it wasn’t important, that I am very independent and self-sufficient. Only the latter part is true. I am missing that kind of connection.

That’s not to say I am demanding immediate action, but just recognizing this undeniable truth about myself felt like one of the few positives of my experience of what’s happening in our world. Beyond that, it’s reaffirmed for me that health comes first and relationships are everything. I feel very grateful to have supportive and responsible parents, family, friends, and colleagues during this time. I took for granted our times together and I would like to think that when this blows over, I won’t do that again.

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