Hello friends, I thought I would share some updates on my little buddy! A lot has happened and Boo has progressed greatly in the last five days. He has proven to be incredibly cuddly, absolutely silent except for these cute oinking noises when he’s playing, and he is very friendly! I take him out every two hours and what was initially a shrinking violet has become quite a precocious little bunny. He loves other humans and dogs, particularly the larger ones. He likes to approach them and jump around them, which makes them nervous.

So far, Boo’s only dislikes are the L trains (though he’s more desensitized to them now) and baths! Poor buddy was whimpering during his bath and trying to get out, but when I picked him up and toweled dried him, he licked my face and let me rock him like a baby. He has already picked up going potty outside and for some reason, when he goes inside, he only goes on the pee pad. I’ll chalk that up to good luck or perhaps he had been doing that with the breeder. Crate training has been a breeze as well. He spends a few hours in there during the night, then is moved to the playpen where his pee pads and his daybed are. I’ll also put him in the crate to calm him down if he gets riled up. I have never experienced any “complaints”.

It’s a lot of work, but I love seeing him learn and grow. I also love the joy he brings to other people. And most of all, I love having a companion that seems to love me and snuggle me no matter what. If I feel anxious, cuddling him makes the tightness in my throat relax. Sure, I may not be having the soundest sleep right now, but frankly, he’s reintroduced structure to my life since quarantine began. He’s also been the reason I’ve spent more time outside, which is lovely timing.

When I took him to the vet, I received rave reviews from the doctor, technician, and receptionist regarding his calm demeanor and how cute he is. The doctor told me I can expect him to stay fairly chill. Other than a future rhinoplasty to open his nostrils a bit for better breathing, my boy seems to be pretty healthy. We are working on tooth brushing with poultry paste (gross) and I wipe his paws after outside walks in the city. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. More good news is that he is small and will be petite in adulthood. I will love him regardless, but I like the idea of a smaller frenchie.

So that’s my recap so far! It’s a lot of work, but I feel like I’ve won the lottery with a puppy that’s so trainable, quiet, and affectionate.

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