Hello, friends. It’s two weeks that Boo has been home with me. He remains a very welcome companion during these lonely times, especially during the snowy April days when going outside for a small change of scenery seems undesirable. Of course, we still do for potty training, which continues to go generally well, though some days are better than others. He remains fairly silent minus his snoring during naps or oinking during playtime, both endearing noises to me.

Admittedly, I have had a few dark days. The depression just kicks in. Thanks to Boo though, shutting down is not an option. He keeps me getting up, going outside, etc. I have to say that while he is a ton of work, it feels really life-affirming to care for someone else. The things that mattered before just do not as much. I feel more down to earth being a dog owner. And while I’m not equating it to being a real mother, it seems like a small insight into motherhood and unconditional love for another being. It’s given me a new purpose, and I am grateful for that. Also, he is just so cute.

As quarantine continues, I’ve stopped this mentality that I need to take this time to be a work on being a better person, to read more, to exercise more, to do this and that. I am doing those things but don’t want any of that additional pressure or anxiety. I’m trying to make myself comfortable and balanced because frankly, I feel uncomfortable and unbalanced in quarantine. I take it moment by moment. I think that’s my new survival mechanism.

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