I’m currently writing this post in my mom’s kitchen while Boo naps in his bed nearby. This morning, I successfully moved out of the apartment I’ve lived in for the last three years. I was so ready to get out and move on to a nicer building. Two movers loaded up the U-haul and I drove to the north suburbs in record time. I took a shower then put on clean clothes and gave my mom a long hug; a first in a while. Then I held my little bunny and rocked him. It felt very, very good.

While my mom has been working, I’ve been keeping busy cycling through mountains of my laundry and changing my address on multitudes of websites while watching my “stories” on Investigation Discovery. I also treated myself to paid time off days today and tomorrow so I can enjoy this lovely reunion and relax. I also took “off” Monday and Tuesday so that I can focus on moving into my new place, unpacking, and getting settled.

I also have another follow up veterinarian appointment on Monday night since Boo was diagnosed with giardia (a common intestinal parasite) and a minor skin infection, the poor guy. Otherwise, he is growing ever so slightly and continues to be an incredible companion to me.


All in all, things are very good, personally. This is an exciting transitional period in my life and I can’t wait to introduce Boo to his new, much nicer home where I can do laundry at my leisure, sit on the balcony on warm days, and be closer to the lake. I’ll post again next week once I’m fully moved in.

I hope you are all doing well and staying connected to your sources of joy as much as possible.

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