If it’s a secret that I adore my mom, then it’s the worst kept secret on the planet. Though I won’t be seeing her in person today, I am looking forward to a video call and sending her lots of virtual love. We just spent the weekend before together in absolute bliss, enjoying each other’s company doing nothing and everything. I wish we could walk today, but it’s supposed to rain. That said, I am very much looking forward to having her over for a visit and a walk by North Pond.

In a conversation with my friend Arie, we discussed the importance our parents have on our lives. I can’t fathom life without my mom. My teenage years were very difficult, but she always fostered a loving environment. She supported and encouraged me in my goals and my healing. She did exactly what she’s supposed to do, but I also have the distinct pleasure of calling her my best friend, something that is not always the case between child and parent. She is the kind of person you want to be friends with and this is evident by the multitudes of people that vie for her time and company. How lucky am I that she is forced to give me hers, ha!

I am wishing her a very happy, joyful Mother’s Day! I also want to take this opportunity to send the same sentiments to my best friends who are fantastic mothers: Andrea and Britt. The love you have for your children is mirrored in what great little people they are becoming! You are both role models for me if and when the time comes for me to be a mom.

For those that are struggling to be mothers or have had to take a non-traditional route to get there, I honor you! If you don’t have a relationship with your mom due to toxicity, I honor you as well and am sorry.

I certainly am not suggesting this is the real thing, but I am very proud to be a dog mama this year. It’s a lot of work, but my first taste of unconditional love for another living being that I’m responsible for. It’s helped me grow so much. I love you, my Boo!

Happy Mother’s Day, all. I hope you feel the love even if it has to be virtual. It’s still no less real.

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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Mom says:

    you are my sunshine! xoxo

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