Earlier this afternoon, I had my lovely friend, Sarah, over for one-on-one brunch (if you don’t include Boo). I haven’t seen her in so long and was really excited to catch up, show her my place, and introduce her to the puppy!

For brunch, I served mimosas, spinach and goat cheese frittata, breakfast potatoes, and fresh berries. It was pretty delicious! For inspiration, I went to Cookie + Kate. I followed her potatoes recipe almost exactly (though I added a bit more garlic powder), and used her frittata recipe as a general guide, though I picked my cheese and veggie combination. They turned out great, though I think the frittata could have used one more minute in the oven. Regardless, I’ve got some yummy leftovers now!

It was so nice to have Sarah over and for it to feel like a somewhat normal visit, though we didn’t hug and we wore face masks in the lobby and elevator of my building. It was nice to connect over the challenges we currently face, the craziness in the news, and just everything, as is always the case with Sarah. She is one of the best conversationalists I know!

For the remainder of the day, I plan to take it easy and spend time with the puppy. I am waking up and going to bed earlier and earlier these days, so I already got my daily walk done before 8 am. Not much else to do now…maybe a bubble bath? Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather today. To those peacefully protesting locally or around the nation regarding George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, I hope you stay safe and thank you!

North Pond at around 6:30 am this morning.

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