I don’t often post about more incendiary topics, but today is different. Yesterday, I posted what now seems like a very tone-deaf post about brunch, though that was not my intention and I could not have anticipated the violence and unrest that would occur throughout the late afternoon and evening in downtown Chicago.

I know I’m opening myself up to criticism, but that’s okay because I want to educate myself on how I can be an ally to people of color in a meaningful way. The murder of George Floyd was unacceptable, disturbing, and has justifiably incited rage, hurt, and nationwide turmoil.

I am a privileged white woman and I don’t pretend to know the injustices that people of color go through regularly. I can’t imagine feeling unsafe just being you are on a daily basis. It makes me sad, it makes me angry. Most of all, I feel helpless. I am scared to join these protests for fear of escalation, violence, and destruction. I don’t believe that those things are the answer, but at the same time, what is? These actions come from so much built up anger, pain, and lack of security.

So I’m asking, what can I do to help? How can I be an ally? How can I educate myself on this topic that I feel ignorant about? Simply posting supportive quotes on social media does not feel appropriate or impactful. If anyone has any guidance they can share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please stay safe out there!

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