Hello, friends! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday weekend.

I started mine on Thursday. I took the day off, went for a jog in Lincoln Park, laid out on my rooftop deck, then went to get my Zipcar to drive to my mom’s for the night (this was a nightmare experience and I won’t be using them again). Eventually, I made it there and Mom and I had a glass of wine on the back patio before having delicious salmon, salad, and wild rice for dinner.

I woke up early on Friday morning as I was headed to South Haven to join friends at a house they’d been renting since Wednesday. I wanted to be early so that I wouldn’t miss out on the pontoon we rented from 11 am to 8 pm and of course, they’re an hour ahead, so I was on the road by 6 am, blasting Lady Gaga and singing along. When we got on the boat, it took a while to reach the open lake, but the water and the weather were beautiful, so it was well worth it. I was grateful to be on a boat as opposed to the beach, which was packed like sardines. The sign amidst the throngs of people saying, “Keep Social Distance” was pretty laughable.

Once we returned home, we discovered the power was out so we had to use the grill to make tacos. We played the card game, BS; that induced a lot of belly laughing! A little after midnight, we took the short walk to the beach. On the way, we saw a beautiful doe eating some leaves and grass. She was surprisingly relaxed and didn’t seem alarmed by our presence nearby. Once we got down to the water, the boys set off some fireworks which garnered cheers from a neighboring group enjoying a bonfire. It was a really fun day, but boy did we all get a lot of sun. I fell asleep easily.

I returned to my mom’s house in Wilmette the next morning to take care of Boo who had an unsettled tummy. We went for a walk at one point and as Boo was resting, my friend Arie came for a lovely visit on the back patio. The rest of the evening was low key. I took a shower, got in pajamas, and we ate grilled hamburgers, corn on the cob, salad, and watermelon while we watched Hamilton on Disney Plus. It is such an amazing show and it was a treat to see the original cast perform with so many close-ups and more intimate filming. Needless to say, Mom and I got a bit verklempt by the end and it was a perfect, patriotic activity to end the Fourth of July.

This morning, we went for a walk before it got too hot outside, then I packed the car and headed back to the city with Boo. Once home, I made a smoothie, tidied up, took a nap, and have since been watching Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. I may venture out for another walk if it cools off later. Though it’s been hot, I’m grateful for the generally beautiful, sunny weather. It felt like recompense for all of the tragedy and hardship this year. Can you believe half of the year is over? What a strange one it’s been. Take care, all, and have a wonderful week!

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6 thoughts on “Fourth of July Weekend

  1. Fourth of July did not quite feel the same as it usually does-meaning celebrating differently. This year, on the 4th burgers for dinner and using Sparklers. Usually, a day or a few days before, my family goes to a Celebrate America Symphony in the park where patriotic music is played and after fireworks.

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    1. Megan says:

      It definitely didn’t but I’m glad you celebrated and spent time with loved ones still; that’s what matters most!


      1. I always have been with my family 4th of July. I am proud to be an American. It has been my home since I was born.


  2. Happy Fourth, and I watched the unsolved mysteries this weekend too

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    1. Megan says:

      What did you think? Favorite episode?

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      1. My favorite was the guy who fell through the roof

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