This past weekend I went to South Bend with my friend Kylie to visit our dear Britt and meet her new son, TJ. I haven’t seen Britt since February when she last for a visit in Chicago and she was in her second trimester. Under normal circumstances, I am accustomed to seeing her every few months, so you can imagine this reunion was long overdue. In order to prepare, I buckled down more than usual in terms of social distancing because I wanted to hold and snuggle that baby!

We caught up throughout the weekend, sitting on the patio, going out to dinner and drinks downtown. On Saturday, there was an added bonus of seeing two other friends, Mo and Meg, the latter visiting from Portland. We ordered Barnaby’s, the top local pizza shop, after a long day of hanging in and around the pool, listening to songs from the 2000s and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. So worth it!

The visit was great for Boo as well; it was essentially an extended play date with Britt’s sweet Golden Retriever, Hoosier. Boo was his shadow, of course, instigating nearly all of the play fighting by nipping at his long tail or just trailing him too closely. Boo was also fond of Britt’s two-year-old, Tommy’s toys, particularly a bunch of plastic fruits and vegetables. When it came to pool time, Boo was braver than I expected. Frenchies are not water dogs, but he let me put him on a floating raft at one point. More than anything, it was so nice to just let him roam off-leash in the backyard.

I’m looking forward to hosting Britt in the near future. It’s been difficult not to see her for so long, but this visit was that much more special. We just picked up where we left off, as usual. She is truly the best. The best friend, mom, wife, and person.

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