Friends & Babies!

Normally, I don't wake up before 6am on a Saturday morning. Today, for great reason! I'll be heading to Indiana for one of my dearest friend's baby showers! I've had many friends have beautiful, lovely babies, but Britt would be my first best friend that is my age going through the process. I love hearing her… Continue reading Friends & Babies!

Bad Behaviors on Public Transportation!

People are inappropriate and often oblivious. This is especially noticeable on public transportation, where there is a high volume of people, more specifically strangers, that we don't have any reason to care about or empathize with. From blatantly obvious to so subtle that you may not even realize you're doing it, here are the bad… Continue reading Bad Behaviors on Public Transportation!

Spring Break in Florida: Sights, Sounds, Sips & More!

Firstly, I want to give a huge shout-out to my aunt Alice and uncle Bruce for being the most wonderful hosts once again. I had a fantastic time; it was equal parts fun activities and unadulterated relaxation, which was just what I needed! The weather in south Florida also happened to be perfect the entire… Continue reading Spring Break in Florida: Sights, Sounds, Sips & More!